Navigation drawer in Android Studio

Today we will quickly learn how we can create a navigation drawer in our android app and we’ll be using the default navigation board that android 2d

provides for us so we’ll go through what different components are in that navigation drawer so first of all we can do a file new project and in this new project we just select navigation to activity.

Now, this is pretty cool these days now they already make uh fragments and view controller for that fragment.

I mean the model for that fragment so this is pretty cool now once you click to finish this will take some time to load the project okay so now once the loading is complete we can see so many things.

We can see different layouts here

we can see a UI gallery home slideshow and we can see the main activity here this might seem a little too much for you at the moment but let me just close all these right

let’s just open the main activity and let’s just run this and see what it is and then we can go into what these things are all right so don’t be overwhelmed at this moment this uh so many files this is pretty simple okay let’s run it you’ll see something fab

Click on File> New>Activity>Navigation Drawer Activity

Name it as Drawer or whatever you want or leave it as default as shown in the image, click on finish

It will create Some, and layout files

Content main,appbar main, MainActivity.xml,, etc.., Something like that



Content main:

Mobile Navigation:






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